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Novus Film is an Istanbul-based full-service production company including the concept development, film production, and post-production stages.


We embarked on this journey in response to the growing demand for versatile and all-in-one filmmakers, and the unconventional production process in the new media landscape, where AI technologies are becoming increasingly essential in video and film production.


Founded by Bilgehan and Caglasin in 2023, Novus Film is not just a production company but a lab where creativity, craftsmanship, and technology bring together and connect with the spirit of the era.


With sophisticated and experienced co-founders in writing, directing, and editing Novus is a strong player to be able to create high-quality audiovisual content.


In addition to its two co-founders and dedicated core team, Novus is well-equipped to produce all kinds of audiovisual content, with its extensive network of many talented collaborators, copywriters, and co-production partners.


We don’t just create. We keep learning. We keep discovering. We enjoy.


And always looking for new ways to push the boundaries and of seeing, and hearing.

*This website showcases Bilgehan and Caglasin's some works from their own portfolios as directors, cinematographers, and editors.


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